Cherish every moment

People who know me know that I am relationship driven big time!! In our fast paced world where communication via texting, social media and email wins the day I would always prefer a face to face interaction almost always and or a voice to voice call any day over the more convenient text.

I was reminded how precious life is and how it can be gone in a moment. At my son’s cross country meet this morning I proudly cheered him on a he raced in his first cross country meet as a freshman varsity member. I was praising God for how much he has grown and how his hard work and determination paid off and just having a proud Mom moment. Then in what felt like the very next moment there was the sound of sirens as an ambulance was entering the park as a young athlete had collapsed and later we would learn she would have a seizure and pass away without warning. As I sit here is shock my heart is so heavy for those parents who I imagine had a normal morning with their child and just hours before had seen her youthful body full of life. I don’t know anything about her medical history and I don’t think that is important at this point but what I do know is it makes me pause and remember. I once had a event that changed in a moment… Todd was full of life one moment and then his heart just stopped the next. The pain for that family is real and comes right back up again as I will never forget that unbelievable moment.

None of us know just how long or short our life will be. We are all myself included extremely busy with the day to day tasks that we sometimes forget the most important things, the people, the relationships! So if you ask me why I wake up at 5:30 to see my kids off to school it’s because I get a few extra moments with them, or if you ask why I go to every event, concert, lesson driving them all over creation it’a all about time with them!! I also stay up with my husband while he works in his shop long after I should be in bed because life is precious and can be cut short and I want to make the most of every moment. I do get that sometimes circumstances don’t allow for these things but I don’t know about you but moments like this make me reevaluate my priorities, and is a painful reminder just how short life can be! We all have a choice in how we spend our days, we tend to spend the most time on the things we value most.

My heart is aching so bad for those precious parents who will never get to hug their daughter tight and tell her they love her one more time. Please cherish the ones you love, hold them tight, make the call, schedule the visit, tell your people you love them and don’t let the business of life rob you of cherishing every moment!!