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I wrote most of the content here during the most difficult season of my life, the sudden loss of my husband of 18 years, Pastor Todd Wortham in August of 2011. As God has proven so faithful, He has provided beauty from the ashes and 7 years later I am know remarried to my Boaz, Jeff Dayton, and we are now living in Charlotte, NC with our children. I hope to get back to writing and pick up where my story left off. Thank you for being patient while Live For More is a working out some kinks…more to come!


Why am I so privileged???

Why am I so privileged???


I did not expect to be so overcome with such intense emotion while in Haiti like I had experienced before.  I did not think that my heart could break all over again as I took in the poor condition of this Caribbean country that I previously visited not once but twice before.  As I helped in the feeding program I observed the children sitting patiently for their bowl of rice and beans.  For some of these children, many of them, this would be their only meal that day.  I could not help but think of my own children and so many children born in the USA who have an abundance of food.  My kids are so impatient at times waiting for their next meal!  My heart could not help but wonder and even think, "If God loves us all the same, why are these precious ones born into poverty in Haiti while me and my children are privileged to live in plenty in the USA??"  I do not think there is anything wrong with asking why?  I however chose not to dwell on the why but instead ask, how and what?  How can I help with the knowledge I now possess and the resources I have.  How can I help these precious ones?  What is God asking me to do with the knowledge I have of these conditions??  After all if I was in the place of asking why?  I would then ask God, "Why do some people get to grow old with their husbands and then some like me and many others have their husbands die an early death cutting that time short?" "Why do sweet young children get cancer, why do wildfires have to happen taking the lives of 19 men fighting to save lives?"  The list could go on and on... I read a quote that has stuck with me written by Martin Luther, "Obedience is the fruit of faith.  A true believer will put to death or crucify the question, "why" yet simply obey."  There are just some things I will never understand yet I know that God is wholly good and wholly sovereign and I chose to completely trust and obey Him and His word.  Some people may think that is silly or may not understand that concept but it has served me well and besides that dwelling on the why does not solve the poverty problem in Haiti, bring my husband back or cure cancer!

As I spent 5 days in Haiti each day God showed me ways that since my last visit 3 years earlier life and the conditions in Jacmel had improved.  Since our trip in June 2010 approximately 300 more children had been sponsored through Restore Haiti's feeding program and are now being feed 5 days a week in the feeding program and are in school.  Several wells have been dug and are working to provide clean water for the village residents.  A medical clinic has been established in the village as well and serves as a place where the people can get basic medical treatment.  I was able to visit several houses which had been built with the help of Restore Haiti.  SO I can see that many others have caught the vision of Restore Haiti and are doing their part to help this poor country.

As I was there I kept feeling like I just wanted to grab up as many kids as my arms would hold and take them back to Austin with me to care for and give them a better life, I want to heal this beautiful country and I want to see it look different.  I was then reminded that God loves Haiti and he brought me there 7 years ago for the first time to make me aware that they need help.  They need Gods love and grace first and foremost but in order to receive that intangible gift they need to see the tangible action behind it which means helping provide food, shelter and schooling for their children.  God is transforming Jacmel, Haiti one life at a time with the help of hundreds of people who have committed their resources to help the least of these.  The kids and I are doing our part by sponsoring a child every month in Jacmel and you can too.  Will you pray about how you might help Haiti?  You can check out more information on the Restore Haiti website at, I promise if you invest into the lives and hearts of these precious people you will forever be changed,  for the better!


Beyond grateful for the privilege I have but never forgetting how I am changed because I choose to Live For More by LOVING Haiti!

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Celebrating his life in Haiti

Celebrating his life in Haiti